Bearing equipment series

A generation of wheel hub bearing assembly line

A generation of wheel hub bearing assembly line
一代轮毂轴承装配线 装配线 装配线

Equipment that

A: technical parameters


: 1: scope of artifacts: diameter from 155 mm - 100 mm; Thickness: 32 mm - 45 mm;


2: work beat: 16 seconds/set;


3: bearing does not produce knocked wounded in the process of production, from feeding to the blanking bearing running smoothly;


4: the layout and the feeding direction: the customer specified.


5: control of the washing machine to clean the oil temperature, environment temperature + cleaning oil temperature 40 ° C or less.


6: each single machine processing require compliance with buyer's product quality.


2: process


Inside and outside the circle of demagnetization + + centrifugal ultrasonic cleaning and dry ditch measurement separation + artificial joint sets and cup type positioning + dry cleaning - axial clearance test to double sound inspection machine, oil seal in + seal pressure into - double laser marking - artificial appearance inspection and packaging



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