Automated handling conveyor series

Grinding JiaGongDian cylinder line

Grinding JiaGongDian cylinder line

Equipment that

Automatic connection system features:

1, save labor costs

Bearing grinding automatic attachment, the attachment by the hole of the inner ring groove grinding, grinding and ultra fine; Outer ring groove grinding and ultra fine 5 or more than 10 sets of machine tools, grinding the super attachment can save labor costs by 80%, and 1 single machine (5 of machine tools) bearing grinding equipment by an operator to reduce to 0.5 2.5 before.


2, improve the ability of material flow

Realization of bearing ring grinding automatic connection, compared with the single grinding process, has obvious advantages: blank from feed to discharge the whole process automated, reduced the production process link, shorten the turnaround time, turnaround time between product in process from 6 dropped to 1 day, improve the ability of material flow, up to the lower cost and to enhance the efficiency of the production process management, effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the market competitiveness.


3, improve product quality

Bearing ring for grinding directly between the single process sequence work, complete process between quality on-line detection and control, sorting, implementation process between the visual management, effectively replacing the artificial, and control the product quality. Automatic line of the technological process, the realization of the on-line automatic detection, automatic feedback compensation processing error, to obtain high quality, high stability of the product


4, enterprise transformation

Bearing manufacturing enterprise after introducing bearing automation equipment, automation degree of production greatly improved, also from labor-intensive enterprises to modern enterprise automation manufacturing enterprise transformation.



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