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Held in the west China · west bearing industry science and technology in the docking and peak BBS bearing industry

Held on May 31, in the west county in the new normal "economy bearing industry innovation and development" as the theme of China. In the west bearing industry docking activities of science and technology and the peak BBS bearing industry. The national institutions of higher learning, scientific research units bearing industry experts, scholars, and wing brothers and related units, in the west bearing enterprises and units to participate in the BBS. This activity aims to strengthen the bearing industry innovation driven development, increase regional bearing industry's technological innovation ability, the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, the mass transfer efficiency. In the docking activities of science and technology, hebei bearing industrial technology research institute and the large mechanical and electrical engineering college of henan science and technology, hebei bao xin bearing with the carma hebei university of technology institute of mechanical and hydraulic machinery with yanshan university, hebei Ms. Kumar transmission technology and tsinghua university, near the west vocational education center and the luoyang bearing a batch of university-enterprise cooperation projects such as senior vestibule school successfully signed. Bearing industrial technology research institute in hebei province was unveiled. High-end BBS then carried out bearing industry, bearing industry experts and representatives of enterprise managers, respectively, the Chinese bearing industry under the "new normal", the development trend of bearing and the bearing material, bearing the development direction of the People's Republic of China and deep discussion topics such as interpretation. West bearing industry related enterprises and units in the face to face the experts consulted with the insights and established more closely with experts, the practical long-term relations of cooperation. Afternoon, the experts into the bao xin hebei three bridge bearings, bearings, hebei honestly as bearing, hebei xintai bearing forging companies such as production workshop, to inspect the bearing production and processing, with the enterprise to carry out the depth. With more than a dozen bearing enterprise manager, technical director of "root-searching roots" decide questions. Hebei jade co., LTD., chairman of roller bearing, roller bearing surface treatment is a difficult problem, hardness is difficult to improve. Hebei foot to technology co., LTD. The manager of the bearing, bearing of frozen time grasp not, affect the bearing quality. Hebei xintai bearing forging co., LTD., the manager of the speech, to talk about the problems encountered in the enterprise development, from bearing production technology to the lack of talents, this paper introduces the near west bearing the enterprises facing the common technical problems and restrictive factors of scientific and technological innovation. Experts made answer one by one, and expounds the response, and said, put forward by the enterprise technical requirements, will be as a future research direction, will be timely research results in the transformation in the west of the bearing. It is understood that the bearing industry as an important part in the equipment manufacturing industry in hebei, in the west in the county has more than 40 years of development history. In recent years, in the west county "by the science and technology innovation to develop new kinetic energy" for the development of general provisions, through seize collaborative opportunities for development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, strengthen the production, docking, collaborative innovation community, and beijing-tianjin-hebei bearing industry successively implemented innovation platform to build, the core technology joint research, double the key work to promote transformation, for the beijing-tianjin the correspondency of innovation resources and the west in the bearing industry demand. Has gradually formed the market, the projection, the scale necessary is complete, the establishment of numerous bearing industrial cluster, on the right direction of high-end, fine, branding, successfully developed the train three bridge bearings, dragon elevator mute bearing a number of core technology, cultivate the three Bridges, bao xin famous quality products such as a number of provinces and cities, the construction of the China international exhibition center bearing, bearing industrial technology research institute in hebei province industrial development platform, has realized from scale expansion to the smooth transition of the transformation and upgrading, effectively raising the level of science and technology in the west in the bearing industry. At present the county leading enterprises of the existing fixed assets of one hundred million yuan of above, 54, ten million, ten million yuan of above enterprises, to produce large to 2.5 meters in diameter, small to 5 mm below the products, covering six big series, more than 3000 models, annual production of 750 million sets, annual output value of 15.1 billion yuan. Products are exported to southeast Asia, the United States, Italy and so on more than 50 countries and regions, annual turnover of 6 billion yuan, more than 10% market share

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