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The introduction of European technology, and investment precision bearing business

Company intends to transfer being investment, hui cheng, automation, cloud and two Slovakia international natural persons jointly invested 20 million yuan, set up shenzhen backyard precision machinery technology co., LTD. Among them, the company offered 4 million yuan, a 20% stake. , cloud automation in cash investment 1 million yuan, with computer software results evaluate investment 1 million yuan, a 10% stake. Two natural person in Slovakia invented the technological achievements of evaluate investment 2 million yuan, respectively, each has a 10% stake; The remittance is being established by the company's two directors in partnership investment, hui cheng, quasi contributed $10 million in cash, a 25% stake. Investment point The direction of investment conforms to the national policy support According to the announcement, this investment will borrow backyard construction precision bearings and precision machinery parts related technology research and development, product testing platform. Participation of two natural MiroslavVolak Slovakia and JozefBarna jointly invented the "cut bearing and motor technology", is applying for a patent for invention. The technology by providing reliable and can be fine-tuning a small device (cut bearing), is used to reduce the speed of the rolling element, can be used for electric cars or electric wheel. Precision bearings and precision mechanical parts based components is the key to the machinery and equipment, the investment in line with the "made in China 2025" the support of national policy direction. This investment will help improve the performance of the servo motor products and competitiveness Company is proposed by taking a stake in the joint venture backyard, servo motor with the company matching precision bearings and related mechanical parts, servo motor products of the company's performance and competitiveness. We believe that if goes well, will be a substantial positive company improve market competitiveness in the field of industrial automation.

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