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Automation technology promote upgrading of the cross roller bearing industry

Cross roller bearing is an important part of mechanical equipment in our country, in the national economy has been play an important role. With the progress of the society and the development of technology, people more and more high to the requirement of cross roller bearing products, the market for cross roller bearing precision demand is higher and higher, cross roller bearing to the development of high precision and has been the trend of The Times. Today, with the improvement of automation technology and the change of market demand, production of cross roller bearing more and more high degree of automation, cross roller bearings industry is towards automation and factory automation system automation, workshop direction. Automation technology once again took important role to promote the development of crossed roller bearings industry forward. In the face of new market opportunities, in order to meet the demand of the development of mechanical industry, each cross roller bearings manufacturers have also power spinning manufacturing automation, cross roller bearing, the ancient and traditional industry began its difficult change again. In recent years, cross roller bearing industry experiencing the baptism of the huge technological changes over and over again. First for connected devices, namely for whole plant equipment integration, the optimal layout between relations of production equipment, and monitor the whole production process, not only the influence factors of the quality in production quality tracking and process improvement. And can carry on the overall layout of observation on the energy consumption and optimize, can carry on the optimization for the whole production rather than the local machine and improve, enhance the overall efficiency of the mechanical equipment.

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