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A: technical parameters

1: is suitable for the small single row tapered bearings.

2: : outer diameter ¢30-100 - mm outer diameter, height 10 to 35 mm, outer ring weighs 0.8 kg.

3: inner ring diameter: inner ring diameter ¢15 ¢65 mm, height 12-45 mm, inside the component weight 1.5 kg.

4: assembly height 10-45 mm, assembly weight 0.04 1.6 kg/set.

5: representative models: 30205 / NEW, 30205, 32007 x - ZF, EH32011J - government. Tools (equipment delivery random configuration)

6: to adapt to the size range based on outer diameter and height size for approval, inner diameter size for reference.

2: the whole assembly line process and requirements

2.1 the process flow

Inner ring: grinding automatic feeding to demagnetization, clean, dry, inner ring to measure diameter, taper, eddy current flaw detection component automatic assembly (roller and retainer, inner ring) - roller packing, flip chip detection to retainer riveting pressure, clean, dry

Outer ring: grinding automatic feeding to demagnetization, clean, dry, outer ring and eddy current flaw detection measure outer diameter, height of outer ring assembly - >

Combination assembly + high torque test and vibration test to marking, finished products, dry cleaning

2.2 the whole line beat: 10 seconds or less/pieces. The whole line of each machine working mesa height to 850 + 50 mm.

2.3 feed direction: the customer specified, inside and outside the circle are large end face down, in the process of transfer, between products without knock against injury. Compact structure, covers an area of an assembly line. Using the flexible transmission equipment between product circulation, between each device to keep fit

When the cache area (three to four artifacts), effective shielding efficiency waste caused by equipment failure.

2.4 equipment adopts quick change tooling design, reduce the changing time, the whole line 2 switching time is less than 2 hours.

2.5 equipment housings all adopt the aluminum profile oubiao building, beautiful.

2.6 the whole line equipment total 43 kw electric power, three-phase five wire into the line. Air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa above, require air clean without water.


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