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Kunshan constable precision machinery co., LTDIs a collection of automation equipment research and development, intelligent manufacturing, sales and service in the integration of equipment manufacturing enterprises, have an independent research and development, creative, professional and technical team, scientific and technological research and development personnel accounted for more than 30% of the total, the invention patents, more than 100 for senior consultant hired well-known experts in Germany, Japan, with the world's leading technology, superb processing technology, leading the industry trend, developed many advanced automation, intelligent equipment, widely used in bearings and auto parts industry. Company established big data division, the new developed products qr code intelligent tracing system, realized the single product for the customer the traceability, to made in China the step of the landmark 2025 goal!

products applied to high-end cars such as Benz, BMW; The CiXing group has created hundreds of new factory automation production lines, provide thousands of sets of equipment, to achieve high-end auto bearing mass production; Constant for new industrial wanxiang group 4.0 demonstration workshop, to provide intelligent transportation and cleaning, and inspection equipment; For SKF (SKF), schaeffler and other well-known enterprises to provide a variety of equipment; For the customers with auto parts processing and assembly equipment, created the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry exports to Europe and the United States developed countries the whole line of manufacturing technology and equipment of precedent.

Constable "to achieve customer automation in the dream" as the direction, "first-class automation equipment supplier" efforts to consolidate the power, we are willing to work with you hand in hand side by side towards the future of hope and challenge!



About Us


Kunshan constable precision machinery co., LTD

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